The sixteenth collection of popular scientific articles “Language Practice: Observations and Recommendations” has been published

This 16th edition of the collection of popular scientific articles covers a wide range of issues related to various linguistic areas and how they function. The book will surely prove useful to both people who are interested in specific language issues and advice (how to use certain lexemes, grammatical forms, or punctuation marks correctly) and to people who prefer philosophical or historical reflections on the nature and role of language in society as a whole and our individual lives.

In total, the collection contains 12 popular scientific articles on topical issues about Latvian language practice, and these articles are grouped in several sections. One section is devoted to the relationship between language, society, and power, another – to language and speech, the third – to language and norms. The collection is supplemented by an analysis by the linguist Sanda Rapa, poet Kārlis Vērdiņš and philosopher Māris Kulis who examined certain words submitted to the Latvian Language Agency during its campaign “My most Latvian word”. The collection also includes a section on language consultations, a section on current events by the Terminology Commission of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the Latvian Language Expert Commission of the State Language Center, a bibliography of the latest publications on the topic of language, as well as a humor column.

The collection of articles covers current events and innovations that characterize the diversity of the Latvian language, outlines modern trends, discusses interesting issues, and provides useful recommendations for anyone seeking a deeper and wider understanding of the Latvian language and wanting to improve the quality of its use.

You can purchase this collection of articles at the Latvian Language Agency.