The Latvian Language Abroad

Learning Latvian in the platform

Since 2017, the Latvian Language Agency has been developing and improving Latvian language learning opportunities with the use of the remote learning platform Currently, the efforts are aimed at these activities:

Online lessons

What do students do in Latvian language classes? One might be tempted to ask – what do you think? Learning Latvian, of course! However, the teachers at the Latvian Language Agency have a lot more to offer than that. Here’s what the mother of one student from Canada had to say: “These lessons have given my children so much, I can’t express how much they mean to me. Not only has their vocabulary grown, but they have also learned to read in Latvian, and learned a lot about the history, nature and culture of Latvia. I appreciate that the students discuss holidays and other important dates and events in Latvian history in these classes.
I see that the classes have created a sense of patriotism and pride in them – a feeling that they are also Latvian. I don’t feel like I’m “imposing” on them with my views and traditions anymore. If a teacher tells them these things are important, they listen.”

The LVA has been offering guided online Latvian language classes to 7 to 14-year-old diaspora students since September 2017, when 120 students from 26 countries began studying in 22 groups.

During the 2018/2019 school year, a total of 123 children from 28 countries acquired Latvian by learning remotely.

During the 2019/2020 school year, a total was 198 children from 35 countries countries acquired Latvian by learning remotely.

During the 2019/2020 school year, the LVA also offered online Latvian language lessons to 12 remigrated students.

192 students from 36 countries began their studies in September of the 2020/2021 school year. Simultaneously, 8 additional groups for teenagers (13-16 years old, 48 students from 11 countries) were held until Christmas. So, a total of 240 diaspora students are currently acquiring Latvian online.
Classes are held in small groups (6 students per group) twice a week at a set time under the guidance of Latvian teachers. The teachers use Skype or Zoom as a means of communicating online, and a large part of the study materials are prepared and sent to the students via the platform.

These remote Latvian language classes are financed by the LVA from the budget of the Ministry of Education and Science program “State Language Policy and Administration”. As soon as new groups are available, applications are announced on the LVA’s homepage and Facebook account. If applications exceed the vacant seats, the students are placed on the waiting list. If a suitable seat (in terms of age, language skills and time zone) becomes available, it is offered to students in the order they applied for them. If you want to register your child in the waiting list, you can do so here.
Before registering, please read the recommendations for successful online learning: here.  


Teacher training and their professional development

LVA’s remote teachers continuously improve their professional skills by attending seminars in person or online, they share their experiences and provide daily support to one another by communicating directly.

To increase the availability of classes, the LVA has, in cooperation with the Education Company “Lielvārds”, prepared 66 teachers who are ready to work independently, using the platform

The development and storage of learning materials on the platform

The LVA has been creating a repository of learning materials since 2019. It contains support materials for distance-learning teachers: recommendations for users, examples of tests and lessons, and distance learning lesson programs. The repository is regularly updated with new teaching materials. If you want to use the repository materials available at, please write to:

Events for students, parents, teachers

We organize events for distance learning students, parents and teachers every year. We organized a gathering in the summer of 2018 for distance learning students in Latvia, which was attended by 110 participants. In the summer of 2019, we organized a distance learning camp/gathering (which was attended by 70 full-time participants and 160 participants on the closing event).

The online conference “ experience, challenges and opportunities” was held July from 13–15 2020 for teachers that are prepared for work on the  platform. The conference had 70 participants.

If you have any questions related to distance learning, e-mail to:

LVA’s research study “Language use in the diaspora: practice in other countries and an assessment of Latvian policy”.

LVA’s research study “Acquisition of Latvian as a foreign language in European countries”.


Support to Latvian language abroad is provided in two fields:

  • Support to the acquisition of Latvian as foreign language in universities abroad;
  • Support to Latvian language in diaspora.

Support to the acquisition of Latvian as foreign language in universities abroad

Currently, it is possible to study Latvian in 22 universities abroad. For more information, please visit Institutions of Higher Education.

The Latvian Language Agency cooperates with universities abroad and supports the organization of the study process of Latvian as foreign language by:

  • Sending study materials, dictionaries, academic literature, methodological resources, etc.
  • Providing consulting and information to teachers about various activities, competitions and events related to popularizing, representing, teaching and research on Latvian language
  • Providing methodological consulting to teachers, organizing seminars and conferences
  • Supporting the organization of events related to popularization of Latvian
  • Organizing competition for instructor vacancies in cooperation with respective representatives in universities abroad, etc.

For more information regarding acquisition of Latvian abroad, please contact Indra Lapinska, via e-mail:  or phone (+371) 67350760. 

Support to Latvian Language in Diaspora

The Latvian Language Agency provides support to Latvian schools abroad by:

  • Ensuring the activity of specialists in most of Latvian schools abroad
  • Sending methodological and study resources, dictionaries and literature
  • Preparing and publishing methodological and study resources and materials
  • Evaluating curriculum, study materials and learning process
  • Organizing meetings and seminars and providing methodological consulting
  • Encouraging to award Latvian students and teachers in diaspora

For more information regarding acquisition of Latvian in diaspora schools, please contact Aija Otomere, via e-mail:  or phone (+371) 67350765.