The State shall ensure the maintenance, protection and development of the Liv language as the language of the indigenous (autochthon) population.
(Law on the State Language, section 4.)

The Livonian language belongs to the Uralian language family and its Finno-Ugric subfamily, and is a part of the Baltic-Finnic language group.  Besides the Livonian language, to this group belong also Estonian, Finnish, Karelian, Veps, Ingrian, and Votic languages.

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In 2013 took place the first Livonian summer university – the first higher educational level program in the history that offered knowledge about the Livonian language, history and culture. In the Livonian summer university participated students, lecturers and researchers of universities in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany. The summer university took place in Košrags – the Livonian traditional place of residence, which allows the participants of the summer university to get to know in detail the Livonian language and culture in their traditional historical context.


Within the period August 12.-30, 2017 in Miķeļtornis (in Livonian – Pizā), situated in Ventspils municipality, took place the second Livonian summer university – an intensive higher education program, the aim of which is to provide the students of several universities – mainly, doctoral and Master’s students – with the opportunity to get acquainted with the Livonian language, history and culture in the Livonian cultural-historical environment, as well as to encourage young researchers’ engagement in regard to the Livonian heritage recognition and research.