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Latvian Language Agency develops and publishes educational and methodical aids for students and adults to promote Latvian language acquisition and bilingual studies, and supports development and publishing of scholarly and academic literature, dictionaries, handbooks and various informative materials and resources. The purpose of Latvian Language Agency’s publishing activity is to ensure: • lifelong learning of Latvian language and its acquisition in schools implementing national minority education programs • further education of bilingual teachers • students and teachers with modern and up-to-date educational and methodical aids corresponding to education and normative standards and statements In the development of the methodical and educational resources, Latvian Language Agency considers that: • Latvian language is a means of inquiring about surrounding world and self-actualization • topics covered in learning materials should be interesting, challenging, stimulating and aimed at reflection and discussions • the language used in those materials has to be authentic and content has to deal with real-life situations • in language acquisition it is important to use interactive teaching strategies and methods that ensure the communicative teaching approach Our target audience is primary school, elementary school and secondary school teachers and students, adult teachers and language acquisitionists, as well as anyone interested in developing and/or improving his or her language skills or linguistic and cultural processes occurring in language.