New Book „Language in Translation”

In the year 2014 Latvian Language Agency ran a series of public talks and discussions under umbrella name “Language in Translation”, following a good tradition going back to 2009. Public talks on the fascinating aspects of translation work, the mission of a translator and features of the Latvian language were conducted by literary critic Anita Rožkalne, and featured such well-known professionals in literary translation as Valdis Bisenieks, Dace Meiere, Pēteris Jankavs, Guntars Godiņš, Silvija Brice anbd Knuts Skujenieks. The series of events culminated with a conference on Translation Practice and Theory during the European Language Days that same year.

“Language in Translation” features transcripts of some of these public talks, speeches presented at the conference as well as reflexions and conclusions that came up during the final debate of this conference. This book comes together with an audio file.

Book is availbale for purchase from the Latvian Language Agency, price: 18,00 euro.