When everything depended on a squirrel and an owl!

The Latvian Language Agency just concluded its mind game tournament “Uncrackable puzzles for Latvians around the world”.  The tournament began on October 19, 2020, with 50 teams competing from all over the world actively participating in five games.

The best of the best made it to the final — Cep4 (Belgium), Pohjoismaa (Finland), Salenti sievas (Italy), Protu Protu (Ireland), Liepiņš (Austria), Trifeles (Norway), Ziemeļu Zibenītis (Sweden), Vecīši (USA), Perfukio (Netherlands), Vestfoldas Četrinieks (Norway), Cietās Zīles (Austria), Black Worms (Germany), Praktiskie latvieši (Norway), Prāgas riekstkoži (Czech Republic), Londonas Kastaņi (Great Britain) and Begi (Ireland).

The grand final was something to behold —six rounds, with five questions in each round. The participants performed very well in the musical questions, as well as in recognizing celebrities. However, they faced the biggest difficulties when the topic came to the nature of Latvia.

So, as it turned out, the fate of the winners was decided by the queen of uncrackable nuts — a squirrel and a wise owl.

Congratulations to the winners — Cep4 (Belgium), Pohjoismaa (Finland) and Salento sievas (Italy).

Each team that won one of the rounds will receive a box of sweets as a gift. As for the winners of the final, each team will receive a gift card worth 100 EUR (courtesy of the e-bookstore Jānis Roze). Photograph by Agita Želtkovska.