The summary of the study “Language situation in Latvia: 2004-2010” is available electronically

monit englThis summary outlines the major conclusions of the study “Language situation in Latvia: 2004-2010” (2011) and the results of the Latvian language policy implementation.

According to the structure of the study “Language situation in Latvia: 2004-2010” here are data and facts reflected about the language situation in the Latvia from 2004 to 2010, taking into account the historical development of the language situation.

The summary shows the progress made in the implementation of the language policy, as well as the main difficulties regarding the implementation of language policy and provision of competitiveness of the Latvian language as the official language. Brief information is provided on the following topics discussed in the research: language policy in Latvia and Latvian language in the EU, language skills, language usage and linguistic environment in Latvia, use the official language in major public sociolinguistic areas (central and local government administration, education, mass media and services), the Latvian language and globalisation.

The summary is available here.