A new textbook for foreign students has been published: “Lasīšanas tekstu un uzdevumu krājums. 1. daļa” (“Textbook and exercise book. Part 1”)

Study aid intended for foreign students

Authors of the text collection: Inga Sarma, Signe Ābola

Visual conception and layout: Annija Grosa

In the beginning of 2018 has been published the textbook “Lasīšanas tekstu un uzdevumu krājums” prepared by the Latvian Language Agency. The collection of reading comprehension texts and exercises has been created as an addition to the schoolbook „Latviešu valoda studentiem”, so that it could improve the students’ literacy in Latvian as a foreign language, as well as their ability to perceive and use a text according to the situation. The texts and the exercises in the study tool vary according to their type, length and complexity. They strengthen and broaden the students’ vocabulary, develop their reading comprehension skills and their ability to perceive information in Latvian language. Moreover, they increase one’s linguistic competence. For their part, the illustrations inserted will help the students to perceive certain objects or processes in a visual way.

The collection consists of two parts. The structure of Part 1 corresponds to the schoolbook „Latviešu valoda studentiem” in terms of the sequence of chapters 1. – 10 and the topics covered in them.

The collection is to be used as an additional study tool at home after acquiring the knowledge in each chapter or after mastering all of the 10 chapters of the schoolbook, so that it improves the obtained knowledge and skills. The students can work with the book together with a teacher or on their own, because in the study tool are included also the answers to the tasks for self-checking.

The texts included in the collection respond to different difficulty levels (A1-B1) and are indicated according to them.