SUMMER SCHOOL OF LATVIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE 2017 with no or little (A1+) to good (B1) prior knowledge of the Latvian language

July 24 – August 06, 2017

For the third year, the University of Latvia in collaboration with the Latvian Language Agency organizes “Summer School of Latvian Language and Culture” for students and other interested parties who want not only to learn and improve their Latvian language skills, but also to expand their knowledge of Latvian history, art and folklore. The students who study the Latvian Language or other Baltic languages at their home universities are particularly encouraged to apply.

We offer:

  • intensive, modern and interactive Latvian language course (grammar, reading, writing, speaking, 64 academic hours), which includes such topics as the human personality, experience, knowledge and skills, friendly contacts and time spent in Latvia, versatile and unique Riga, city tour and orientation, daily life and holidays in Latvia, Latvian traditional and modern culture, current events in Latvian media, Latvia’s and Latvians’ success stories in the world;
  • afternoon discussion on Latvian history and politics, getting acquainted with modern Latvian history and political situation in Latvia;
  • afternoon discussion on Latvian culture and art, getting acquainted with its historical development and key figures, especially, in the visual arts and architecture;
  • afternoon discussion on Latvian folklore: customs and traditions, getting acquainted with one of the most interesting forms of folklore – Latvian folk songs or dainas, by singing and dancing;
  • guided tour of Riga, visiting several museums (e.g., Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation or Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Laima Chocolate Museum or Sun Museum, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga Art Nouveau Museum, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum);
  • a two-day trip to port city Ventspils, sightseeing (e.g., the Seaside Open-air Museum with an opportunity to ride a narrow-gauge train Mazbānītis, Ventspils Crafts House, a boat tour aboard “Duke Jacob” (Hercogs Jēkabs) along the Venta River).

The attendees, having successfully completed the course, are awarded 4 credits (6 ECTS).