Photo Exhibition „If It’s a Mistake, Make It Funny!” Travelling Round Latvian Libraries

In advance of the language days the Latvian Language Agency has announced a photography and story competition on the theme „If It’s a Mistake, Make it Funny” , which ran from 26th September to 18th November 2017.  Participants were invited to search for language signs in their environment, such that would attract attention, open up for a pun, play on words, associations and humorous connotations, whilst affirming the richness and beauty of language, its imaginative aspects and the huge possibilities for creative expression through means of language, be it intentional or unintentional.

The festive opening of the exhibiton was earlier in July, at the Ādaži public library. After that the exhibition is going on a tour to be showcased at 17 different libraries accross the country over  a two year period.

More detailed list of locations and dates can be found here: šeit.

This year there is a new competition for young people and for adults at: “Vārds (ne)vietā”.