New Teaching Aid for Teaching Latvian as a Foreign Languge Just Published

In 2012 Latvian Language Agency published a methodological study aid for learning Latvian as a foreign language, this book was written by I. Klēvere-Velhi and N.Naua and the title was „„Latviešu valoda studentiem” („Latvian language for Students”, study book with audio material). Now we are glad to launch N.Naua’ s methodology and teaching aid for teahers „Latviešu valoda studentiem. Skolotāja grāmata” („Latvian Language for Students. Teacher’ s Book.)

Methodology aid „Latvian Language for Students. Teacher’ s Book” offers teachers additional information regarding the content of the first book and tips for efficient use of the study material. Teacher’ s Book includes explanations of certain grammar rules, additional grammar tables and examples from texts and dialogues in the study book for students.

There is no new lexical additions in the explanations part. In order to help students expand their knowledge of grammar and the phonetic system of the Latvian language, the Teacher’ s Book also includes additional exercises and creative and inspiring ideas for brushing up language skills. There is a separate chapter „Additional Information Regarding Grammar and Phonetics of the Latvian Language”. This chapter provided concise definitions of certain grammar rules and questions that have been elaborated upon in several chapters of the book, but should nevertheless be regularly revised to better memorize in order to master them. Other questions, especially those that are part of the first ten chapters, have been already  explained in the content summary of each respective chapter.

This Methodology aid can be obtained by contacting our agency by following the link below:

Metodisko līdzekli iespējams iegādāties Latviešu valodas aģentūrā.