Launching student screative writing collection “Family Stories. Rooted in Latvia.”

Latvian Language Agency had newly launched a publication of student creative writing under the original title  “Dzimtas stāsti. Ar saknēm Latvijā” („Family Stories. Rooted in Latvia”.) This story collection includes the written work in form of essays, stories and drawings by winners of student creative work competition. Student work presents a manifold picture of family histories over several generations, the fates of different branches of families over time, traditions, beliefs, ethical and esthetical value systems, connections to Latvian cultural heritage and the bigger narrative of our national history.

There is a rich gallery of stories and characters, with a touch of exciting and even comic situations and scenes of life, as well as portraits of family members written with warmth and care. Some of the work includes deep and serious look into the characters of family members, their gifts and talents, hard work and capacity to withstand very harsh and dramatic challenges during major historic shifts.

This is the seventh volume in our series of collections of school student writing on patriotic themes.

Book is available for purchase from Latvian Language Agency.