Latvia’s first interactive “Pictorial Dictionary” has been published

The news will delight not only pre-school and primary school students, but also their parents and teachers. The Latvian Language Agency has developed a modern and useful interactive pictorial dictionary full of words and pictures.

The vocabulary included in the dictionary is divided thematically and supplemented with interesting tasks. First, the user must learn a variety of words and then choose a task corresponding to a topic he or she can choose. The students can choose from three different types of tasks:

Name and check! — take a look at a picture, then think of a word (or say it out loud) that corresponds to that picture, click on the picture and check your answer;

Choose a picture! — read a word and select a corresponding picture. If you click on the correct image — the other side of the image will turn green, if what you’ve selected is incorrect, the other side will turn red;

Choose a letter! — take a look at a picture and read the word below it. The task is to study the available letters and find the missing one.

The interactive pictorial dictionary is available for free on the website of the Latvian Language Agency:

The “Pictorial Dictionary” will soon be available on smartphones. The Pictorial Dictionary has been developed as part of the ESF project No. “Competence approach in the curriculum”.

We would like to remind you that the subsite Teach and learn Latvian on the Latvian Language Agency’s website features more than 400 useful learning materials for learning Latvian — games, interactive learning materials, video materials, as well as various support materials for teachers. In 2020, the number of regular users on the site reached 100,000. 

For more detailed info:

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Methodologist of the Latvian Language Agency

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