Latvian language for 10–11–year–old diaspora students. A2 language level. 1st academic year

Learning the Latvian language in the diaspora is fun and interesting, but not without a few challenges. To support the teachers in this difficult but important work, the LVA has created a Latvian language learning program (A2 level) for 10–14–year–old diaspora teenagers: a three–year program that takes into account the practicalities and difficulties of how Latvian is taught in Latvian schools in the diaspora. It contains a total of 180 lessons. Methodological recommendations for teachers are currently in development.

A 60–hour program supplemented with teaching materials for the first school year for 10–11–year–old teenagers are currently in development, and we invite you to look them up and begin using the first two chapters in your classes: “My family and I” and “With friends”. The teaching materials were created based on the functional and communicative approach, in which the language, its structure and nature are learned in context, that is, primarily in the context of Latvian culture, history and public life. The intended result is the acquisition of language skills in accordance with the  descriptions of Latvian language proficiency levels for children and teenagers as formulated and developed by the LVA.

In language learning, learning materials and programs are important but the needs of each student are key since they may differ not only from school to school but even in each class. It is always easier to adapt materials to the needs of your students when they are based on specific skills and knowledge. This is why we hope you send us your suggestions too! We invite you to send us suggestions that have been tested during your work with students.

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