“Laipa B2” is here! Language learning aids for the B2 proficiency level

“Language is the bridge that enables the connection of souls, minds, and people.”

(A. Kronvalds)

We’ve published a Latvian language teaching aid set — Latvian language for adults. Laipa B2. This textbook is the last in the series Latvian language for adults A1-B2.

The textbook can be used to improve all language skills, but it pays special attention to recognizing and understanding different literary styles, as well as writing skills.

The content of the textbook is organized into five thematic categories: Communication and Technology, The Environment and Time, Work, Business and Money, Society and Politics, Culture and Language.

Listening materials can be found on our website https://maciunmacies.valoda.lv, in the section 16+. Language learners are also encouraged to use the wide selection of digital materials created for the content of the textbook: https://maciunmacies.valoda.lv/16-un-vairak.

The sale of the book is currently available only remotely; contact us here agentura@valoda.lv.