Dedication from Schoolchildren to Latvia on its 100 year anniversary – „What Makes My Nation Strong”

„My nation is the King Namejs silver ring, carrying in its silver filigree motifs hidden strength, courage and tenacity. My nation is a pair of feet in simple peasant shoes covering space on the earth in rhythms of music. My nation is the happy shout out of victory when its small size is nothing in the face of talent, capacity and dedication. My nation is the age-old folk legends and grandma’s fairytales wrapped up in a soft fragrance of linden flowers.”

(Justīne Dižpētere, Eleja Secondary School, Form 12A)


In advance of the 100 year anniversary of the Republic of Latvia, the Latvian Language Agency has published a collection of student essays „What makes My Nation Strong”, presenting the best creative work, essays and drawings by Latvian schoolchildren, who won a competition.

Close to 900 school students from schools in Latvia and abroad participated in the competition, and this volume is a collection of submissions by 242 children and young people, in some cases only excerpts are being published. Chief Editor of this book is Valdis Rūmnieks. The content of this book is inspiring and very timely, as it shows how the young generation perceives the roots of strength and vitality of Latvia.

This book will be distributed to all the authors, whose works got published this time, as well as to their teachers. It may also be purchased directly from Latvian Language agency here: nopērkama.

This year there is a new creative work competition for chool pupils  „Story of My Childhood”, while young people and adults are invited to participate in a competition of stories and photographies „Vārds (ne)vietā” („Word in the Right (Wrong) Place”). Submissions are welcome until the 18th of November addressed to the Latvian Language Agency.

All in all in this series of school sudent creative work on various themes we have published eleven books so far.