Autumn’s here – time to crack some nuts. Let’s gather round to play the mind game “Hard nuts for Latvians all around the world!”

The mind games “Hard nuts for Latvians all around the world” have become a long-awaited annual tradition, so we are pleased to announce that applications for this year’s tournament start on October 4. Registration link:

Last year, 50 teams from 22 countries took part in the tournament, and the winners were “Cep4” (Belgium), “Pohjoismaa” (Finland), and “Salento Sievas” (Italy). Here’s some feedback from the teams: “We are happy to be able to participate in this project! We look forward to all rounds and creative challenges. We can’t wait for the next game!”; “Our family loves Hard nuts.”; “I really like participating in this quiz game, it’s very exciting.”; “Thank you for the lovely time we spent learning interesting facts about Latvia!”

We hope to see the old teams return and anticipate the formation of new ones – young people of the diaspora, families, friends, choir and dance groups, and everyone else interested whose home country is outside Latvia, gather together in teams and join the tournament! We remind everyone that the questions in the quiz are appropriate for both young people and adults – curious, adventurous, and fun-loving Latvians around the world.

What are the rules?

  1. Create a team of 2 to 5 members!
  2. Think of a clever name for your team!
  3. Open the homepage and click on the section “Latviešiem pasaulē”!
  4. Register your team, get acquainted with the game schedule, and use it to watch the recordings of the games and submit your answers!
  5. The game can be played and the answers can be submitted once.
  6. In each game, the teams must answer 30 diverse questions about the nature, sports, culture, people, and events of Latvia, as well as complete a creative challenge.
  7. The results will be published on the homepage
  8. There are going to be 5 games in total. Every game goes on for a week. Every team must decide whether they will take part in one or all of the games.
  9. The ten best teams make it to the finals. The final round will take place online on November 20.
  10. The best and most successful players of each game, as well as the winners of the final game, will receive valuable prizes.

It’s that simple and easy – a fun evening where you’ll learn something new, and the best competitors will receive prizes! The answers in the first game can be submitted from October 11 to 17. Schedule of upcoming games:

The tournament is organized by the Latvian Language Agency in cooperation with the mind game brand “Cietie rieksti”. The Latvian Language Agency is an authority of direct administration under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science, whose aim is to promote the strengthening and sustainable development of the Latvian language – the state language of the Republic of Latvia and an official language of the European Union. One of the tasks of the Latvian Language Agency is to provide support to the Latvian diaspora abroad in their pursuits to learn and preserve the Latvian language.


For more information:

Liene Valdmane

Latvian Language Agency Educationalist

+371 22144144