A set of teaching materials “Latvian language in minority schools. 1st grade” has been published

The set of teaching materials consists of a textbook (Part 1) and a workbook (Part 1), interactive teaching materials, and a teacher’s book.

  • The price of the textbook is 3.59 EUR.
  • The price of the workbook is 1.54 EUR.

With its decision No. 2.1.-05/12, the National Centre for Education has confirmed that the textbook complies with the national basic education standard.

Please order the textbooks and workbooks by writing to us to this address agentura@valoda.lv. For more information: call 67201680, mobile phone: 28803418.

Part 2 of the textbook and workbook will be published in November 2021.

The set of teaching materials ensures the acquisition of basic, as well as transversal Latvian language skills, provides an opportunity to work with children individually, offering various texts and different tasks. The chosen topics are related to natural sciences, social sciences, as well as mathematics, computing, and the visual arts.

The authors of the teaching materials are Silvija Mickeviča, Marina Fekļistova, Sandra Zariņa, Linda Krastiņa, Liene Valdmane, and Vineta Vaivade.