To live in Latvia – in Latvian

We invite you to take a look at the informative video materials (six short movies), in which Latvian language teachers and students share their experience of studying.

The video materials do not only acquaint us with the work experience of the teachers, but also the students give their answers to the question: “How to learn a language better?” These short movies have been filmed to serve as a methodical material in a spoken form. Pedagogues talking about their experience acquaint the viewers with the methods used and allow them to take a look into their classes. At the same time it is revealed which factors have contributed to the acquisition of Latvian language and why the latter should be mastered. The information concerns native speakers of other languages for whom Latvian has turned into an everyday communication language and who has integrated successfully into the life in Latvia.

We hope that these examples will help the beginners overwhelm their fear of learning the Latvian language.

The movies have been filmed at the Latvian Language Agency, implementing the European Union Asylum, the Migration and Integration Fund for the project Latvian language acquisition in order to promote the inclusion of citizens from third countries into the labour market planned for the period 2014-2020.

Special thanks go to the team of the creative agency “Tribe”.