The summary of the study “The influence of migration on language environment in Latvia” is available electronically

The present study was preparing by compiling and extending the research migrācija Eng“Migrācijas ietekme uz valodas vidi Latvijā” (“The influence of migration on language environment in Latvia”. The Latvian Language Agency. Rīga : Zinātne, 2009. P. 143).

The work prepared by the authors is a scientific study that looks at the question of immigration mainly from the linguistic and integration perspective. The present study has been conducted to help to evaluate positive and negative factors of the integration process, the development and implementation of new, adequate socio-political and economic solutions (taking into account the latest trends in migration processes and the decrease of the number of the population in Latvia).

Due to migration the societies of many countries have become ethnically diverse and the transnational relation between state and society has strengthened. Thus, the migration issues have become an important and inevitable component of each country’s economic and social life and they are carefully addressed in the decision-making process.

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