The Latvian Language Agency has begun the implementation of an Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund project.

The aim of the project “Learning Latvian language in order to facilitate the integration of third-country nationals into the labour market 3” (No. PMIF/6/2020/3/01) is to ensure that third-country nationals acquire the Latvian language in a modern and diverse way, so they can acquire further education, communicate on a daily basis and satisfy the needs of the local labour market.

The project aims to continue what the previous projects started and organize Latvian language courses for all levels of proficiency, achieving a total of at least 240 third-country attendees. The language courses will be held not only in Riga, but also on a regional level (upon request).
At the end of the course, 100 people will be given the opportunity to take the state language proficiency test free of charge.

The study process will make use of modern learning materials developed by the Latvian Language Agency; all course participants will have access to free materials on the website and its sub-sites. Many of the materials will be adapted for remote learning.

To ensure a complete and modern remote learning process, the materials developed by the LVA for the acquisition of A1, A2, B1, B2 language proficiency levels will be adapted for online work both in terms of their content and technological availability. We will create 40 homework sets for each language proficiency level (A1, A2, B1, B2).

All activities within the project are free of charge, the course attendees will also be provided with LVA’s study materials and the stationery necessary for the study process.


You can get more information or apply for the Latvian language courses and other project events by calling 67350764 or writing to


For more detailed info:

project manager

Ērika Pičukāne

(Methodologist of the Latvian Language Agency)

Phone No.: 67350764