Current issues

A set of teaching materials “Latvian language in minority schools. 1st grade” has been published


The set of teaching materials consists of a textbook (Part 1) and a workbook (Part 1), interactive teaching materials, and a teacher’s book.

  • The price of the textbook is 3.59 EUR.
  • The price of the workbook is 1.54 EUR.

With its decision No. 2.1.-05/12, the National Centre for Education has confirmed that the textbook complies with the national basic education standard.

Please order the textbooks and workbooks by writing to us to this address For more information: call 67201680, mobile phone: 28803418.

Part 2 of the textbook and workbook will be published in November 2021.

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Creative teachers make motivated language learners


In January 2021, the Latvian Language Agency started implementing the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund’s 2014–2020 programming period project “Acquisition of the Latvian language in order to facilitate the integration of third-country nationals into the labor market 3” of the 2007-2013 programming period (No. PMIF/6/2020/3/01).

Currently, classes are organized in several regions of Latvia. Interesting and creative lessons take place in Liepāja, for example, led by the teacher Irēna. Our teachers not only help the students prepare for the state language proficiency test but also introduce the language students to Latvian traditions and customs. The lessons use different forms and methods of teaching.

Creative teachers make motivated language learners! Read more

Towards easier language learning!


In co-operation with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council, we have created a comprehensive guide on the electronic tools for learning the Latvian language. Teach and learn Latvian – a mouse click away.

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NEWS — a game for 6th-9th grade pupils “Do you know these terms?”


The Latvian Language Agency encourages you to test and improve your knowledge by playing the game “Do you know these terms?”

The game consists of the most important terms in several subjects of learning. The terms can be grouped either by their fields of study or they can be viewed in a mixed order (see section: All terms). The student chooses a level that suits him / her. The levels differ according to the terms used and the number of letters that are already given to him / her. The student must read or listen to the description of the term and then write the term in the empty field. At the end of the game, the player is presented with both the number of points he / she received and with the option to repeat the failed questions, thereby improving his / her knowledge.

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“Laipa B2” is here! Language learning aids for the B2 proficiency level


“Language is the bridge that enables the connection of souls, minds, and people.”

(A. Kronvalds)

We’ve published a Latvian language teaching aid set — Latvian language for adults. Laipa B2. This textbook is the last in the series Latvian language for adults A1-B2.

The textbook can be used to improve all language skills, but it pays special attention to recognizing and understanding different literary styles, as well as writing skills.

The content of the textbook is organized into five thematic categories: Communication and Technology, The Environment and Time, Work, Business and Money, Society and Politics, Culture and Language. Read more

Learning Latvian — how exciting!


Last weekend, several groups began learning Latvian remotely to acquire the B2 and C1 levels of language proficiency. It is a pleasure to see that a large number of migrants do not want to stop at acquiring an A2 proficiency level, which is necessary to obtain a permanent residence permit, but instead want to learn to freely speak, read and watch films in Latvian.

We hope that by acquiring a C1 proficiency level, language learners will be able to:

  • understand long radio and TV programs with almost no effort;
  • understand texts on a variety of topics and in a variety of literary styles, including long, factual texts, comments and reports;
  • present their thoughts on complex issues in essays, choosing the appropriate style of communication clearly and logically;
  • express themselves fluently and spontaneously, be able to argue their opinions, express their thoughts and opinions accurately and clearly.

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Apply for Latvian language courses


The Latvian Language Agency has implemented the sub-activity “Supporting teacher competence development in a linguistically heterogeneous environment” as part of the European Social Fund project “Competence Approach to Curriculum” (agreement No. In order to strengthen the Latvian language skills of general education pre-school and school teachers at the C1 level and to help them gradually achieve the C2 level of proficiency, the project entails courses for the improvement of Latvian language skills for professional purposes (a 120-hour course program).

The LVA invites teachers of minority pre-school educational institutions and pre-school institutions, school teachers and school collectives to apply for these language courses. Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the group leaders of these LVA’s courses will only offer remote classes. Please note that you can apply from February 25th.

Both groups of schoolteachers (16 people in one group) and individual teachers can apply for the courses. Read more