NEWS — a game for 6th-9th grade pupils “Do you know these terms?”

The Latvian Language Agency encourages you to test and improve your knowledge by playing the game “Do you know these terms?”

The game consists of the most important terms in several subjects of learning. The terms can be grouped either by their fields of study or they can be viewed in a mixed order (see section: All terms). The student chooses a level that suits him / her. The levels differ according to the terms used and the number of letters that are already given to him / her. The student must read or listen to the description of the term and then write the term in the empty field. At the end of the game, the player is presented with both the number of points he / she received and with the option to repeat the failed questions, thereby improving his / her knowledge.

The game will captivate everyone — from Latvian students, teachers, and parents to everyone living in the diaspora.

Good luck!