„Language in Practice: Observations and Recommendations”: Nineth volume of Popular Science Articles Published

Latvian Language Agency has recently published 9th collection in its series of popular science articles, and this latest issue is devoted to the birth anniversaries and legacy of two outstanding linguists – Kārlis Mīlenbahs and Jānis Endzelīns. In 2013 we celebrated 160th birth anniversary of Kārlis Mīlenbahs and 140th birth anniversary of Jānis Endzelīns. This collection of articles deals with linguistic practice as viewed from diverse perspectives – general questions, language and environment, lexics, grammar, phonetics and phonology, style. Collections features contemporary thought in 13 popular science articles.

Chapter on general questions looks at the herritage of outstanding linguists Kārlis Mīlenbahs and Jānis Endzelīns, as well as an article featuring poetic aspects of spiritual songs by Kristofors Fīrekers. Interesting ideas on the interplay of language and environment are expounded in articles about variants of South-Estonian language in Latvia and on aspects of linguistic identity in Western Latgale and Eastern Vidzeme region. Chapter on lexicology includes a study of contemporary trends in language expression, numerals in Latvian and German paremies, as well as a write-up of an upcoming dictionary of history of Latvian language. Chapter on grammar features articles on prefixes in international verbs and normative aspects of colloquial language. Several exciting aspects of phonetics and phonology are dealt with in a written dialogue between two linguists specializing in Phonetics and Phonology respectively, as well as a write-up on norms of pronunciation in contemporary Latvian language. Chapter on stylistics includes a study on the usage of Dative in Latvian language, and its implications from the point of view of sentence structure and language culture.

Additionally you will find brief articles on language consultations, actual news from the Terminology Commission of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and Expert Commission of the Latvian Language Agency, a brief bibliography of recent publications in the area of linguistics, as well as a page of humour featuring witty expressions form our language classics Mīlenbahs and Endzelīns.

This new volume is available for purchase from the Latvian Language Agency by folllowing the link below:

Rakstu krājumu iespējams iegādāties Latviešu valodas aģentūrā.