Governing body

The interim director of Latvian Language Agency is Dace Dalbiņa.

Today we become more and more aware of the fact that language is a value and pride of national culture. In the era of globalization and multilingualism, we can see how language competition has grown stronger and sharper; therefore, one has to realize how crucial it is not only to keep but also to raise the economic value of Latvian language. Language has to be maintained and developed, so it could follow the lead and trends brought by 21st century along with the rapid developments in the fields of science and technology – it has to serve the purpose of communication, it has to be able to express each and every nuance of thoughts and feelings – that is why it is so essential to ensure the use of Latvian in all socially important areas. Moreover, Latvian language has to stretch beyond the borders of Latvia, be popularized in other countries, and especially in the neighbouring countries.