A new puzzle game for young language learners – Find the words!

Joy, enthusiasm, the desire to listen, read and search for words – these are some of the feelings you’ll enjoy if you play the Latvian Language Agency’s new game “Find the words!”. At the start of the game, the players must choose a suitable level of difficulty (easy or hard). The game is easier when the word you are looking for is visible on the screen and more difficult when the word is spoken, and the player is only given its first letter.

The words are divided into 30 topics, and the game seeks to improve the skills one may have acquired after playing the LVA’s Pictorial Dictionary. The player’s task is to find seven words that correspond to each topic. It is estimated that there are more than 100 000 words in the Latvian language. We invite you to learn your first 400 words by playing the game “Find the words!”. Best of luck!